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Bodybuilding Sites

Training, entertainment, and organizations.

Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness. Free Fitness Tips.
National Physique Committee - NPC
Robin Hood
Prince Harrison's - Optimum Fitness
Don Lemmon - Don Lemmon's Know How


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Personal Bodybuilding Sites

Bodybuilders of all levels. Have your site listed here!

Wong Hong

Awesome bodybuilder in NYC who hails from Malaysia. 5' 7" 245 pounds with 30 inch quads! Check him out!
Ali Matteau
Lou Ferrigno

Addo - Bodybuilder from Ghana Martin Luther King Addo, dynamic bodybuilder from Ghana! Check out his site!
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My Friends (Cyber and non-cyber)

This is the place for my friends and visitors to have their sites listed. If you want your link to appear here please send an e-mail with a short description. 

John R. Keene

John is a writer and amateur artist. He's  published a number of stories, poems, reviews, and essays in various magazines, journals and newspapers, as well as a novel. Check him out.
Jerry Thompson - Sister Circle 

Jerry's site is mainly a literary site for folks looking for fun things to do with  authors readings, poetry readings, live jazz shows, etc. He is a writer and musician. He's trying to put a book together with interviews with male and female fitness models on a variety of subjects.
Pascal deVink

Here is one of the coolest guys I have had the opportunity to actually meet. Pascal lives in Amsterdam and I met him when he came to the states in 1999. We video-conferenced and chatted for months before that. We had a lot of fun up in NYC, Fire Island, and here in Philly. He likes to laugh a lot (you will see that when you go to his site) and he is a bit of a smart-ass. LOL! But  he has a heart of gold. Pascal is a user interface designer and he also is a very good dancer. One of his passions is Salsa. He was recently in a commercial that aired in Holland. Glad to have met you dude! I hope that we will continue to be friends. Look forward to chatting a bit more than we have been in the past. How about updating that web site! Check out his webcam also.
Damone Motton's - Momentum

One very talented man. Check out is site and cam.

Very nice guy. Check out his webcam.
Thomas Su - ThomOnTheNet

Thom is a guy from Canada who inspired me to do my own webcam. He does not know this yet! If you go there tell him I sent you. Very cool site. Thom's cam is a staple on the Net.
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Computer Stuff


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