Photo: Eric Hart
The PumpCam!

I recently became fascinated with web cams and decided I would take stab at it. Currently there is no schedule. Generally you can find me on weekdays after 6:00 PM EST and sporadically during the weekend. I may be available for chat but I will not be taking any requests. They will be ignored. You may catch me goofing off or working on the web site and at times I may patch in some competition video and taped work out sessions or posing sessions.

The cam was designed for the latest browsers. Make sure you have at least a version 4.0 browser from Microsoft or Netscape. Some cam options require Java.

Please read the FAQ for an explanation before using the PumpCam!

You will be able to capture photos from the Non-Java Cam. Send what you capture so I can add them to the archives.

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